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Are you doing Google searches for teacup pigs for sale

If you have fallen in love with these adorable little pets there are probably a few questions that you may have.

First are Teacup pigs even real?

This is a valid question. There are a lot of hate sites and radical environmentalist that would have you believe that they are not real. They have even hijacked the Miniature pig wikipedia page and have wrote all kinds of things to scare you away from owning a teacup pig. Then on top of that there is all kinds of websites and articles that are devoted to telling people that teacup pigs are not real. Truth is teacup pigs are very real. Now they wont stay the size of a teacup... They are still pigs!! but they do stay a lot smaller than potbelly pigs and can make great pets!

The next question you might ask yourself is who can I trust to sell me a teacup pig?

You have probably seen the classified ads selling "teacup pigs" as low as $300... Don't be fooled. They are scams. They are either selling you a pot belly pig or they are just trying to scam your personal information. Don't Buy teacup pigs from classified ads there are way too many scam artist out there. 

Never buy from a breeder that has a weight guarantee!!!

This is a huge red flag!! No breeder can play God! Most the breeders that offer this "guarantee" are just in it for the short hall and looking to make a quick buck. Read the small print of their guarantee. Usually they require crazy things like you have to send monthly pictures and document the pigs diet then after a year or two if they pig gets over a certain weight they will only refund 20% of your money!!! That is right you heard me right. They can guarantee a certain weight make you pay all kinds of money for that guaranteed weight then They only give you 20% of your money back when is get bigger than that weight which it will... So if you are expecting the teacup pig to stay 20LBS and they guarantee it and you pay $3,000 for that piglet full grown that piglet could get 100 LBS and even if you went through all the effort of sending the breeder pictures and documenting the piglets diet they will only get you $600 bucks back. So you would still end up paying $2,400 for the 100LBS pig!! So don't buy into there fake guarantee it is just a sales gimmick. True breeders will give you estimates on what the grown weight will be but tell you there is still no way of predicting the exact adult weight.

The next warning is buying from local breeders. Yes you heard me right!! There are not that many REAL teacup pig breeders. Chances are a local breeder doesn't has the quality you will be looking for....

Yes shipping a piglet that you haven't met in person can be scary but there are ways to protect yourself. 

First make sure the breeder accepts Credit cards or Paypal. These offer Consumer protection and will help make sure you get your teacup pig.

Next make sure the breeder is willing to send you pictures or has pictures of the adult breeder pigs on their website.

Finally make sure you feel comfortable with the person you are talking to. Make sure the breeder cares about the future of your teacup piglet.

Ask questions!! No question is a bad question when is comes to raising your little teacup pig.

Having a hard time saving up money for a teacup pig? Here arare a few breeders that offer financing for a teacup piglet.

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