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Health and Behavior of Micro Pigs

Micro pigs or Teacup pigs are becoming a very expensive and adorable pet option in the world. Everybody who wants a different kind of a pet and who is ready to accept the price tag that comes along with a teacup pig is buying these little piggies and they are also very happy with the results. There are celebrities like Paris Hilton and Rupert Grint who already own them and also declare their love for teacup pigs. However, if you are planning to buy such pigs there are a lot that you need to know about their health and behavior. 

First of all, the teacup pigs are not an established breed and are fairly unstable. There are many breeders out there who have spent a lot of time and energy in beading them and then there are some who simply bred a pig that looked small but grew as huge as a normal pig itself. Therefore, always make sure that you get your teacup pigs from a responsible and experienced breeder only. 

Here are a few facts about the health and general temperament of these pigs as well as the steps you need to take in order to maintain their health.

They are generally very affectionate and would love to stay close to their owners. They are somewhat attention seeking but all goes well as they are quite cute and adorable.

You have to ensure that they are consistently under someone. It’s not that they are very demanding creatures, but when they are small and measure only a few inches, you better not try to leave them alone. This step should be paid special heed to if there are other pets or children in the house.

You can train them easily at home. These include small dog tricks and some platform training as well.

Teacup pigs are very intelligent animals. They will adopt your behavior and learn quickly. Therefore, the behavior of the pig depends a lot on the owner. 

Give them regular exercise. As pigs they are very prone to gaining weight very fast and if you don’t give them a good amount of exercise each day, they would probably turn out to be the same old fat and ugly pigs of the mainstream.

They need their own ‘pig space’. Therefore, you must make a small place in your backyard or the garden where they can happily dig the earth and roll in mud. Remember, they are pigs after all and these things come naturally to them. Just like a dog would start barking at each unknown person, the pigs too have their own hereditary characteristics which include this little playground. 

They don’t shed because of which it becomes easier to handle a pig than to handle a dog or a cat. As a result, normal flea infestations and the huge number of problems that come along with such shedding and infestations are also removed.

They love food. Sometimes they develop similar eating habits as their owners. The name teacup pig was also coined because the pigs loved to drink tea just like the breeder, Chris Murray. It was there in this Pennywell farm in England where these pigs were first raised and became popular ever since then.

Your teacup pigs need a special diet which are also manufactures and available in the stores. Therefore, do not think about giving them regular pet food. Moreover, make sure that at least 1/4th of their daily diet is composed of fresh vegetables so that they remain quite healthy. 

You must invest time in making a special diet plan for your pigs. As said above, they are very fond of food and if you don’t give them the right kind of food, they might become very aggressive and start creating a mess around the house.

Teacup pigs take two years to be fully mature. In these two years, their size would increase dramatically and they may become as 200 pounds in weight. Generally they are the size of a spaniel. Therefore, you must ensure that they get at least a 2 time exercise daily. 

You need to have a special teacup doctor in your locality. They are no ordinary pigs and their also have different feeding and medical needs. Therefore, in case there is a problem with the pig there should be a special teacup vet in your vicinity.

In the first two years of life, where the pig has just started to grow, it might show some aggressive behavior every now and then. Though the pig is not overly aggressive at this time, you must show him who the owner of the house is.

Generally, they are sociable creatures and you must buy a pair to keep them company. 

If you are looking for a teacup pig for sale  you may have just found the perfect pet.