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Things to Consider Before Buying a Teacup Pig

Are you planning to buy these little cuddly pets for yourself too? You must first make sure that you are ready to get a teacup pig in the house. Often, pet owners have usually been with dogs and cats which make them accustomed to their habits. However, when it comes to teacup pigs, there is more than just normal rearing.

Teacup pigs cannot be reared like farm pigs as well. Farm pigs are huge and grunty while teacup pigs are generally very small. They are only 9 ounces at birth and never weigh more than 35-60 pounds, which is less than 1/5th the size of an average farm pig. Considering these factors, you must know that they are a special variety of pets and need special treatment as well. Here is a list of a few things that you must consider before buying a teacup pig.

Money- they come with a huge price tag. The average price is $1000. We are not kidding with you. You actually pay this much for teacup pigs and to be honest, there are people who buy them at such an insane cost. Reason? Well, there are many reasons that can be quoted behind this. The first and the most obvious reason is that they are specially reared breed of pigs. The second reason is that they are seen with celebrities which automatically makes them a style statement in their own right and the third is that they are very cute and adorable. Who would not want to pay for a little companion who is the size of a teacup when born and the size of a cocker spaniel when fully mature? Another thing is that they need a lot of maintained in terms of food and medical expenses. They are generally fed with special food that makes up to 70 percent of their daily diet. Plus, it’s very expensive and the pig would live for the next 12-20 years. So think carefully before you buy one.

Check with the local authorities- where in some cases they are simply not allowed as pets, some others might have their own set of restrictions which may include the presence of specialist teacup pig vet in the vicinity. You might also need a license for keeping a teacup pig. Therefore, always check with your local authorities before you buy one. You are anyways spending a great deal of money on them.
Teacup pigs need a lot of attention- Although they would happily love to run around or simply sleep in the shade, just like normal pigs do, these pigs need special attention. They are very close to their owners and are often attention seekers. For the sake of this attention, they might even hog up more food than they eat. Moreover, you have to take them on walks twice or thrice daily and give them proper exercise along with the walks. If you don’t do this, the pig would likely turn up huge and bulky. They have a tendency to eat more and exercise less because of which they tend to put on weight faster and become quite a plight for their own selves. Moreover, if you are not continuously interacting with them, or they are left to themselves most of the times, they would certainly create mess and even get aggressive. The demands of this pig are many and you would have to fulfill them all.

Get ready to go to vet- if a teacup pig is your first pet than you might find this a little annoying but the truth is that a regular visit to the vet is quite necessary. There are many varieties in the teacup pigs and the breed is not yet stable enough. Therefore, different teacup pigs may come from a completely different breeding process and might face different types of health problems. Therefore, make sure that your pet is a specialist and rush to him when your pig behaves eerie.

Do you have suitable space for the pigs- Yes, teacup pigs are as small as a teacup, but this happens only when they are newborns. In the next two years of their life, they will grow rapidly in size and would demand more open space. Therefore, ensure that you have some space in your house where the teacup pig can play. If you thought that it is a teacup pig so it will be very small neat, you are wrong. The teacup pigs also need a small playground to play as you cannot always be there by his side. He would also need some space on his own which is not possible in an apartment style home. Therefore, buy a teacup pig only when you have a garden or a backyard where he can easily play